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HP Juniper

A Canadian brand, crafting delectable non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits that redefine the art of tasteful libations. With a commitment to quality and innovation, HP Juniper brings the perfect blend of botanical flavors to your glass, allowing everyone to savor the essence of finely crafted cocktails without the need for alcohol.

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New Zealand

Giesen 0%

New Zealand wines are globally renowned for their distinctive fresh aromatics and crisp, clean flavors.  Giesen 0% NZ wines have an established reputation worldwide. They stand as one of the top-selling non-alcoholic brands in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Their recent introduction to Canada marks an exciting new chapter for our non-alcoholic wine category.  

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Leitz truly stands out in the non-alcoholic wine sector, and it can be completely understood by anyone who has sampled a drop. One of the most recognized N/A brands due to their sophisticated alcohol removal processes and winemaking expertise.

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Luminara is the first exquisitely-crafted alcohol removed wine from the Napa Valley appellation in California. With lush fruit, full bodied flavors and delicate aromas, the Chardonnay and Red Blend offer a true fine wine experience without the alcohol.

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Pure Vision

Family-owned, estate grown, vegan friendly, award winning organic wines made from sustainable grape-growing practices. The Carypidis Family is becoming one of Australia’s leading organic wine producers and have recently added a non-alcoholic series to their offerings.

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Wander + Found

From Germany's esteemed winemaking Rhine region, wine makers draw upon generations of wine-making knowledge and the finest old-growth vines to create robust wines with rich flavours.

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  • Spreading the Joy of n/a Business to Business

    Consumer preferences are shifting & we are seeing unprecedented growth in the no/low alcohol beverage sector. Businesses stand to benefit from embracing this burgeoning trend. There’s a market not only for these options in retail but also at event centers & dining establishments.

  • Promoting Inclusivity

    By offering a diverse selection of sophisticated non-alcoholic options, companies can cater to a broader customer base, and promote inclusivity for those who are health-conscious, sober-curious, expecting mothers, or individuals simply seeking refreshing alternatives to traditional alcoholic drinks.

  • Personalized Customer Care & Reliable Supply Chain

    Our carefully selected portfolio of high quality non-alcoholic wines and spirits underscores our dedication to excellence. As a boutique-inspired supplier, we take pride in offering personalized customer experience and ensuring a seamless and reliable supply chain.